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"This will do"
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Hey guys, sorry I havent been on for a while, but I have bad shit going on at home and the other night I got attacked by my dad and I had to call the cops…blah blah blah. I created a gofundme to help raise money so I can get the fuck out of dodge and never look back on this bullshit that has been plaguing my life for half a year now. Please please please donate whatever you can IF you can…if you can NOT, please just reblog and signal boost. I would really appreciate it. Im tired of living under constant stress and fear and im really worried about my dog, so I wanna be able to move somewhere I can have her be with me because I just dont trust my dad at all anymore. Im sorry that I even have to go to this extreme to get the fuck out, but its all I can think of right now. Please do what you can <3


i’m so sorry I can’t help financially at this time but I hope by reblogging this I can reach someone who can

I’m just saying, if it was a girl that did what sam pepper did in his latest video, most men wouldn’t give a shit, because after all, these are women’s issues right?

I’m just saying, find me the woman who thinks its appropriate to harass men in public for views and HUMOUR.