So, it’s like, I wanna resume watch Glee but…

you know, the whole thing about it being just…awful is really putting me off watching the rest of season 5

Short Rant on the portrayal of female pop stars in the media and its effect on young girls

So, as a young adult I am very aware of how the medias portrayal of women effects me, it generally comes down to having feelings of shame, as if something were wrong with me as well as feeling objectified and subservient in a male dominated society. However, as an intelligent young adult I know that society as a whole is kind of a major fuck up, especially towards any kind of equal rights issue (unless you are a white, heterosexual, male, then you’re golden), and I hate to sound all 20th century but…

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Dear Jim,

Please paint He-Man on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents.


Josh McGlynn

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, man…

If you watched that 70’s show like a pro, you should have serious feels right now.


Hans is like the least villainous villain ever…

Favourite People: Paul Rudd
↳ "I feel horrible. No, really, I feel… ugh. I just realised all I’ve had today, I just ate like a bunch of croissants. I feel weak in the legs. It’s true. I mean, there’s no point to this story, I’m just realising I just had like, four… I just had a bunch of croissants… and now I just feel terrible."

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MORE Tattoo Spelling Fails: New tattoo spelling fails that have me shaking my head … and LOLing!